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Are you a filmmaker or actor looking for real guidance on how to launch your career in the Los Angeles film industry? Have you been searching for a way to strengthen your professional network? 

Sign up for our 3-day program that will help you create an action plan and make connections with the right people to get your foot in the door and get work.

Calling all dedicated FILMMAKERS and ACTORS (or their parents)

Our Hollywood Immersion weekend gives you comprehensive insight into what it truly takes to pursue a career in the Los Angeles film industry. 

Feel inspired every day to create life-changing work with an incredible network of people and opportunities that support your creativity and your goals.

This program can change your life!

Understand the language of Hollywood today, how the film industry works, and build a new network of professional contacts and support through The Hollywood Immersion. 3-day weekend. Sign up now!

Find the connections you need to take your first creative steps in Hollywood.

Understand the language of Hollywood today, how the film industry works, and build a network of professional contacts with The Hollywood Immersion 3-day weekend program. 

You'll learn what questions to ask and the right steps to take to work and build a career in the film industry.  

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In three days, we'll cover:

" Please DON'T hesitate to attend! Seriously, this was the greatest discovery. I put plans in motion before the week-end was over."

Paula Diaz


" My film education gave me confidence. This program put my foot in Hollywood's door."

Christopher Hampton


" It was a brilliant week-end. In all that I have done to fulfill my dream of working in Los Angeles, the immigration workshop was the most helpful."

Greta Maki


" Of course I learned a lot - no doubt, but the friends I've made are going to be a part of my new Hollywood life forever!"

John Yaeger


" The mixer was exciting.
I loved the preparation workshops that I wholeheartedly put to use that night. The film industry connections I made are life-changing!
Thank you for such a meaningful weekend."

Sarah Talbot


Financial Planning
✅ Goal Planning

✅ Being a Supportive Stage Parent Workshop

✅ Job Counseling
✅ Proactive in Finding Work (actors and film industry workers)
✅ Immigration Workshop


The Biz

✅ Overview of a Film Industry Worker's Portfolio

✅ Networking Workshop

✅ Agents Scouting Event for Actors and Writers (optional)
✅ Overview of Acting Tools (headshots, resumes and reels)
✅ Social Media for Actors and Film Industry Professionals
✅ Virtual Tour - Acting Studios (children and adult)
✅ Union Overview

✅ Roommate / House-Sharing
✅ Tour Los Angeles

✅ Getting Around Los Angeles

✅ Where to Live

✅ First Days in Los Angeles


Your Plan


10:00 AM - Check in

Program Overview and introductions

Los Angeles film industry VS other growing industries

Goal Planning Workshop 1: Writing an effective ‘Move to Hollywood’ action plan

Mingle, mixer and PARTY -

Meet others on a similar path who refuse to give up on their dreams

9:30 PM - End of evening

Workshops, Networking and Scouting Event - This is SCHMOOZE business not show business - NETWORK!

Goal Setting, Creating a Strong Arrival Plan and Goodbye
Until You’re Back

The Hollywood Immersion Program Schedule


Welcome to Los Angeles!

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Workshops

Goal Planning Workshop 2: Let’s talk specifics and conquer problems (divided into families and individuals)

Possible roommate or shared housing matches

Virtual Networking - Branding, social mingling on LinkedIn and other social media platforms

Film professional’s portfolio, actor’s Headshots, resumes, reels.

END OF EVENT and the beginning of your HOLLYWOOD LIFE!



9:00 AM
Scouting event for actors and writers. Job counseling for various film industry occupations

10:00 AM
All Participants - Round Table Workshops:

Virtual Tour on training: Acting Studios

Immigration Workshop: How to obtain working papers and sponsorship (minimum of 5 registrants required)

Master Class: How to find and choose representation, understanding unions and industry trends

Master Class: Parents supporting young actors

Financial Planning for your business

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM
ALL PARTICIPANTS - Tour pockets of LA where there is safe and affordable housing in convenient areas. Plus, fun stops along the way!

7:30 PM to 9:00 PM
NETWORKING - PARTY with movers and shakers in the LA film industry.

Housing and meals are not included.
*Event timetable, LA tour destinations, and community partners are subject to change.